Help / FAQ / Angel Policy

1. I own a craft store, how can I order your products?

- We sell our collections using our b2b wholesale store. To be able to place an order, you need to register first. Once your account is active - you get an access to all the prices and marketing materials.

2. I sell online only, an I able to use your pictures in my store?

- Yes, our clients get an access to an online platform to be able to download all needed files easily.

3. Do you have a minimum order quantity?

- Only our papres are sold in pack of 10 pcs.

4. Angel Policy

- P13 poducts can be used in a small commercial use:

a) paper products: personal and small commercial use (up to 100 pcs of the same project), all the art pieces should be hand made by the paper owner.

b) stamps: personal and small commercial use is accepted (as above), you may NOT sell stamped pictures, also coloured as a single product, even if they are part of a set.

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